Senior Thesis Project

Education iPad games to improve fraction learning for elementary students.

For my senior thesis project I developed three iOS mini-games in Swift using SpriteKit and UIKit. Each mini-game displays fractions in a different way related to a specific learning method. The monkey game (partial screenshot shown on the top left) displays the fractions on a number line. The user has to move the monkey and collect bananas on the correct part of the number line according to given instructions. The shark game (partial screenshot shown in the middle on the left) refocuses on the part/whole method of displaying fractions. The user has to help the shark pick the correct portion of pie or pizza according to given instructions. The last game, the candy game, focuses on approximation. The user has to help a candy monster (a friendly monster of course) re-collect his candy into his candy bag. The user is shown the full candy bag only for a few seconds so they have to approximate how much candy would make the bag whole again. I drew all of the graphics for the game. I worked with two thesis advisors Professor Lorie Loeb from the Computer Science department and Professor David Kraemer from the Education department.