We Read Too

Book resource app that features titles written by authors of color.

We Read Too is a cultural literacy application that showcases a directory of over 800 Children's and Young Adult fiction books written by authors of color for people of color. You can browse different genres, search by author or title, view the details of every book, share the book, suggest any books to be added, as well as view the book on the web.

This app is very important to me because I've always loved reading from the moment I learned how to, but I constantly found that I couldn’t relate to the characters in popular books. I created this application so books with Black, Latino, Asian and Native characters can be showcased in one central place where parents, students, educators, and anyone else can find books for youth with diverse characters they can relate to or whose culture they want to learn more about.

The app currently has over 20,000 downloads on iPhone and has received great ratings. The Android app just launched October 2017 developed by Julia Nguyen. Available for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. If you are a We Read Too user and you want to report a bug or have suggestions for a particular feature, please go to the We Read Too website for more information.